Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Life with Recharged Hair

Her hair in a year
Farheena after donating her hair to
Locks of Love
Farheena has been blessed with lovely hair which needs little care. It is one of the highlights of her personality. As they grow quite fast, she could experiment with different hairstyles. When she donated her hair for 'Locks of Love', I did not imagine that her hair would be flowing up to her waist within a year, but it did. 
When I asked Farheena what she would love to do with her super recharged hair, the girl of little words came up with illustrations that gave the message. As usual, Shopping and eating out tops the list. These are the coolest reasons why she would recharge her hair. 

Get ready with colorful clothes, combed hair, money and body spray to venture out. 

2. Say hi to nice people and be friends with them

3. Have fun with your friends

4. Go shopping and bring back tons of shopping bags with you

6. Enjoy good food at a restaurant

7. Go to the beach and sing with your friends

8. Never forget your homework after all the fun 

With Hair like that no wonder her paintings always highlights the hairstyles

Some Hairstyles to Recharge your life with unlimited fun!
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  1. Such Cute sketches...and I really love Farheena's hair <3 :)

  2. That was a cute and awesome drawings Farheena. Love your hair :)

  3. What beautiful hair you have Farheena. Your paintings are awesome as well!