Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Step towards Freedom

Farheena was born and lived in Bangalore till she turned 7. Some life changes saw to it that she had to shift to Byndoor, a tiny coastal village with her brother and mother to live in home that belonged to her father’s family. Initially, the 7 year old child loved the fresh fish she could eat every day, visit to the beach, pet chickens and parties her mom threw for children. The biggest drawback was her social life. People had no idea that she was just a person like them with some challenges. They could not just treat her normal, either she was shown over sympathy or neglected completely – both equally pushing her away from people. Slowly she started disconnecting with people and living in a bubble of her own only communicating with immediate family members.
She went to a special school, unfortunately it did not have specific training program for her. Finally it was time to take a bold decision. Her mother decided to shift her to back to Bangalore and send her to a special school which would pay attention to her specific needs. It was a bold step to move away from a own home to a rented place #ToStartANewLife.
Back in Bangalore, Farheena started going to FAME India special school, and showed tremendous improvement. She learnt to socialize, communicate and became an interactive once again. She was given vocational training and life skills in the school which enabled her to gain confidence in social situations. More than anything else, she had great trust in the people who managed school and followed their advice even at home.
Participating in Cultural Day Activity - Pratibha
Slowly she started using microwave oven to heat up things, attend to every one of her bathroom needs, bathe herself with little help from her mom, and clear her own bed along with many other activities. Soon she was confident enough to be at home without her mom, but still was not confident enough to be alone. She could manage herself attending to all her needs if her brother or cousin was there at home with her.
Enjoying in Park with Cousin Manal
All the changed happened in a short period of just 2 years. It is unbelievable. She was a changed child once taken out from a social environment that curtailed her emotional growth. Her social skills also improved and she started communicating with some people who understood her. It is really sad that she had to spend nearly 10 years in a place that pushed her into social seclusion and repulsion as well.
With two years training in FAME India, Farheena shifted to YST vocational center where she is a special employee today with a tiny income of her own. One bold step taken 3 years ago brought about a great change in Farheena’s life.

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